Beccon is a British small-press publisher specialising in science fiction which prints one to two books each year. Run by long-time sf fan Roger Robinson, the first Beccon publication (a bibliography of Barrington J. Bayley) was issued in August 1981. Since then more than 50 booklets and/or books have been produced.

The name "Beccon" was given to a series of sf conventions in the 1980s - and initially stood for "Basildon, Essex Crest Convention" after the hotel in which the conventions were held in 1981, 1983 & 1985. Subsequently the name was taken over by one of the convention committee members (Roger), for his fledgling small press.

We stock a selection of Beccon's sf criticism and history titles (listed alphabetically, below). To see their entire catalogue (which also includes fiction and other misc works) take a look at their website here.