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  • January bulletin Posted on 07 January 2017

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    "We are not talking about Hiroshima any more. Hiroshima was peanuts!"
    -The Day After


    Hi there,

    More details about January's film event to share with you, two podcasts, aaand that's it. Won't keep you long.

    Science Fiction Theatre // January
    We're back on Friday 20th January (you know, inauguration day... *shudder*) with a timely screening of The Day After (1983) at Deptford Cinema:

    In the mid-1980s, the U.S. is poised on the brink of nuclear war. This shadow looms over the residents of a small town in Kansas as they continue their daily lives. Dr. Russell Oakes (Jason Robards) maintains his busy schedule at the hospital, Denise Dahlberg (Lori Lethin) prepares for her upcoming wedding, and Stephen Klein (Steve Guttenberg) is deep in his graduate studies. When the unthinkable happens and the bombs come down, the town’s residents are thrust into the horrors of a post-nuclear America…

    The film will be preceded by a talk from Dr Daniel Cordle, Reader in English and American Literature at Nottingham Trent University, who will discuss the upsurge in nuclear anxieties in the 1980s that produced the film and outline its contribution to the genre of post-nuclear fiction and film.

    Dan is an expert in nuclear and Cold War literature and culture, and we're over the moon that he's agreed to come down and share his insights.

    Advance tickets are just £3.50 (buy here), going up to £5 on the door. And heads up, Deptford Cinema is a little smaller than the Victoria, so it's going to be especially important to book your seat(s) early if you want to come along.

    The poster for this month’s event was designed by Jodie Smith and it's proper good. If you missed the unveiling on our instagram last week (which, by the way, will be the place for all future poster reveals), behold:

    We’ll be giving out postcards of the illustration to guests on the night, and A3 prints are for sale in the shop.

    Programme supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London. Proud to be a partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery: www.filmlondon.org.uk/filmhub

    Science Fiction Theatre // Survey
    If you’ve attended any SFT event this year we’d really appreciate your feedback – what you liked, what you didn’t like, how you heard about us, etc. To that end we’ve set up a very brief online survey for you to fill out. Answers are anonymous, and your input will help us improve our future screenings.

    Science Fiction Theatre // Podcast
    Two new ones for your ears.

    Episode #30 is dedicated to all things Westworld. We discuss its production, its legacy, our favourite moments, and why it was chosen to be screened it at the film club. We also review its 1976 sequel Futureworld, and and we have a (spoiler-free) chat about HBO’s new Westworld tv show.

    Episode #31 is our 'Best of 2016' show. We pick our favourite films and tv shows released in 2016, and highlight some older titles that we discovered and enjoyed over the year.

    You can stream all of our podcasts via the website and/or mixcloud, or you can subscribe, for free, via itunes. If you like what we're doing, please review/share, and get involved - tweet at me (@scifitheatre) or Dan (@HYPHYHUNTLEY) with your views on any of the films discussed.

    Social media round-up
    Stuff of note from the past month:


    Where to find us:
    The Space Merchants // shop | facebook | twitter | instagram | tumblr | pinterest
    Science Fiction Theatre // events | facebook | twitter | instagram | tumblr


    Ok, I'm off. I'll probably chuck out another little email nearer the 20th to poke about the film.

    Bombs away


    Next month...
    "Most of them died instantly, but a few had time to go quietly nuts"

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