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Three Tomorrows by John Griffiths


Everyone knows about Science Fiction: it is the modern adventure story, the ultimate in 'escapist' literature. And yet, SF incorporates a number of forms and modes under one bright banner - from the prophetic to the swashbuckling; from the fantastic to the satiric; from the mystic to the speculative. It is as popular in the Soviet Union as it is in Britain and the United States, and has a readership that knows no national boundaries and a vision that encompasses a multitude of realities.

With the soaring popularity of Science Fiction in recent years has come a new respectability as well, and with that a host of critics and academicians whose eagerness to analyse and categorise has done much to obscure and confuse what was originally exciting and clear.

Three Tomorrows lucidly and objectively summarises the origins of SF and discusses the changes and developments of recent years. With an unpretentious knowledge, John Griffiths examines the main features of the genre and makes fascinating comparisons between the Western and Soviet versions.


Publisher (Year): Papermac (1980)
Binding (ISBN): 1st edition trade paperback (0-333-26912-8)
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Like New.

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