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The Shores of Tomorrow by David Mason


The Triana

Ancient hag, witch of dark myseries...or beautiful young queen, mistress to command a thousand worlds...Which was she?

Ian Kinnon, cast adrift from his home world with eighty of his men, must find the secret of a woman - who could age herself at will, or make herself young again - and the secret of her people. Only through the Triana do they stand a chance of finding their way back home. But there are an infinity of Earths to explore, and enemies on every one of them. The deadliest enemy of all are the Char Qua, the barbarian race who raid other worlds for the love of slaughter, for the smell and the taste of flesh. Kinnon and his men must win their way back to their own world, or live with the knowledge that families and friends were victims of the raiders across the time lines!


Publisher (Year): Lancer (1971)
Binding (ISBN): Paperback (n/a)
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Average. Creases to spine, spine lean, small sticker to upper front corner, small bookshop stamp inside cover.

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