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Galaxy - August 1977


And Earth so Far Away - H. C. Petley
The Pheremonal Fountain - Arsen Darnay

Short Stories
Perfectly Safe, Nothing to Worry About - Charles Sheffield
The All-Soul is Calling Quinlan - Jay Brandon

The Dosadi Experiement (part 4 of 4) - Frank Herbert

Special Feature
Postscript to Gateway - Frederik Pohl

Showcase - James R. Odbert
A Step Farther Out - J. E. Pournelle
The Alien Viewpoint - Alter Ego (with Dick Geis)
Bookshelf - Spider Robinson


Issue: Vol. 38  No. 6
Editor: James Patrick Baen
Cover Art: Kelly Freas

Condition: Very Good. A little shelf-wear to edges and corners, tanning to pages.

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