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Galaxy - April 1965


Committee of the Whole - Frank Herbert
Death and Birth of the Angakok - Hayden Howard
A Wobble in Wockii Futures - Gordon R. Dickson
The Decision Makers - Joseph Green
War Against the Yukks - Keith Laumer

Short Stories
Wrong-Way Street - Larry Niven
Wasted on the Young - John Brunner
Slow Tuesday Night - R. A. Lafferty
Sculptor - C. C. MacApp

Science Department
For Your Information - Willy Ley

Galaxy Bookshelf - Algis Budrys


Issue: Vol. 23  No. 4
Editor: Frederik Pohl
Cover Art: George Schelling

Condition: Good. Rubbing to edges and corners, bottom of cover detached from spine (1inch), tanned pages.

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