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Gods for Tomorrow edited by Hans Stefan Santesson


"God is dead," today's profane cry will be met by terrible retribution from the GODS OF TOMORROW.

That is the awesome prediction in this unusual collection of science fiction stories.

THE STREETS OF ASHKELON tells of a cruel God who demands a dreadful sacrifice before permitting a future race to worship Him

GOD OF THE PLAYBACK shows the ultimate machine age God; a push-button robot, incapable of feelings - and creating man in His own image

THE WOLFRAAM HUNTERS depicts a vengeful God who is slowly, painfully killing the meager survivors of an atomic holocaust

UNHUMAN SACRIFICE portrays a foolish God who plays thoughtless games with human lives

ROBOT SON describes a fake God who uses man-made magic to perform his chilling "miracles"

BALAAM depicts a treacherous God who lays death traps for the faithful

And there's more. A terrifying new world emerges from the stories presented in this anthology by Hans Stefan Santesson. He has drawn upon some of America's finest science fiction writers to present the man of tomorrow - at the mercy of Gods he himself has created.

The Streets of Ashkelon - Harry Harrison
Balaam - Anthony Boucher
Unhuman - Katherine Maclean
The Shrine of Temptation - Judith Merril
The Army Comes to Venus - Eric Frank Russell
Apostle to Alpha - Betty T. Balke
God of the Playback - Stephen Dentinger
Robot Son - Robert F. Young
That Evening Sun Go Down - Arthur Sellings
The Wolfram Hunters - Edward D. Hoch


Publisher (Year): Tandem (1967)
Binding (ISBN): Paperback (n/a)
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Good. Rubbing to spine and corners, bottom of spine slightly pulling away from glue/cover.

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