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Asimov's - November 1979


The Eternal Genesis - Milton A. Rothman
The Erasing of Philbert the Fudger - Martin Gardner
Twist Ending - Barry B. Longyear
The Raindrop's Role - Kevin O'Donnell, Jr
In Spring a Livelier Iris - Ruth Berman
From the Lunatech Admissions Committee - Sharon N. Farber
Furlough - Skip Wall
Flamegame - Steve Perry
The Fare - Sherri Roth
Autumn Sunshine for Moe Joost - John Moressy
The Sapphire As Big As the Marsport Hilton - John M. Ford
Sharing Time in the Gallery - Sharon Webb
On the Midwatch - Keith Minnion
Mountain Wings - Sydney J. Van Scyoc
Gift of a Useless Man - Alan Dean Foster

Editorial: The Dean of Science Fiction - Isaac Asimov
On Books - Baird Searles


Issue: Vol. 3  No. 11
Editor: George H. Scithers
Cover Art: Vincent Di Fate

Condition: Very Good. Light shelf-wear.

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