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Asimov's - May 1979


Against a Crooked Stile - Nancy Kress
How Bagson Bagged a Board Game - Martin Gardner
Through These Portals Dead - Gary Hood
Rainy Monsoon - A. Grimm Richardson
L'Envoi - John M. Ford
Small Talent - Steve Perry
Sanctuary - Jayge Carr
Slush - K. J. Snow
Prime Crime - Milton Rothman
Mermaid's Knell - Anne Lear
The Pinch-Hitters - George Alec Effinger
There are no Wars Words in the Language - Anjala E. A. Ehelebe
The Dead of Winter - Kevin O'Donnell, Jr
Computer Song - Julie Flores
The Quest - Barry B. Longyear

Hollywood and I - Isaac Asimov
On Books - Baird Searles


Issue: Vol. 3  No. 5
Editor: George H. Scithers
Cover Art: Jack Gaughan

Condition: Very Good. Light shelf-wear.

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