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Asimov's - January/February 1978


The Barbie Murders - John Varley
The Case of the Defective Doyles - Martin Gardner
True Love - Isaac Asimov
There Will be a Sign - Henry M. Ford
Panic - Stanley Schmidt
Birthday Party - Keith Laumer
A Mother's Heart: A True Bear Story - Lisa Tuttle
A Delicate Shade of Kipney - Nancy Kress
They'll Do it Every Time - Cam Thornley
African Blues - Paula Smith
The Thrill of Victory - Jack C. Haldeman II
The Witches of Manhattan - L. Sprague de Camp

Editorial - Isaac Asimov
Ivory Tower Meets Middle America - Tony Rothman
On Books - Charles N. Brown


Issue: Vol. 2  No. 1
Editor: George H. Scithers
Cover Art: Paul Alexander

Condition: Very Good. Light shelf-wear.

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