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Fantasy & Science Fiction - April 1951


Short Stories
Interloper - Poul Anderson
More Than Skin Deep - L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt
The Last Seance - Agatha Christie
The Devil Was Sick - Bruce Elliot
Through Channels - Richard Matheson
? - Idris Seabright
The Mathematical Voodoo - H. Nearing, Jr
Extending the Holdings - David Grinnell
Miss Frost - Christopher Wood
The Other End - R. Ellis Roberts
The Hill - George Paul Elliot
Narapoia - Alan Nelson
Larroes Catch Meddlers - Manly Wade Wellman


Issue: Vol. 2  No. 2
Editor: Anthony Boucher & J. Francis McComas
Cover Art: George Salter

Condition: Good. Light rubbing to edges and corners, creasing to spine, very light tanning to pages.

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