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Foundation 26 - October 1982


● Peter Nicholls - Philip K. Dick: A Cowardly Memoir
● Brian Aldiss - Philip K. Dick: A Whole New Can of Worms
● Philip Strick - Philip K. Dick and the Movies
● David Wingrove - Understanding the Grasshopper: Leitmotifs and the Moral Dilemma in the Novels of Philip K. Dick
● Brian Burden - Philip K. Dick and the Metaphysics of American Politics
● Jack Williamson - The Profession of Science Fiction, 30: The Way it Was, 1933 - 1937
● Jeffrey M. Elliot - Pamela Sargent: Woman of Wonder
● Tan Yunji - SF in China: A Brief Historical Review

● James Goddard - On Clute's Review of Curtis Smith
● John Clute - A reply to the above
● Sue Jenkins - On the ending of Blake's Seven
● Roger C. Schlobin - Call for papers on fantasy

● Colin Greenland - The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by Philip K. Dick
● Douglas Barber - Friday by Robert A. Heinlein
● Ian Watson - Majipoor Chronicles by Robert Silverberg
● Richard Cowper  - The Man Who Had No Idea by Thomas M. Disch
● Patrick Parrinder - Burn This by Thomas M. Disch
● Peter Caracciolo - The Eye of the Queen by Phillip Mann
● Douglas Barber - The Sword of the Lictor by Gene Wolfe
● Ian Watson - The One Tree by Stephen Donaldson
● Brian Stableford - The Men from Ariel by Donald A. Wollheim
● Colin Greenland - The Space Eater by David Langford
● Stratford Caldecott - In the Valley of the Statues by Robert Holdstock
● Lisa Tuttle - The Nameless by Ramsey Campbell and Childgrave by Jessica Hamilton
● Brian Stableford - The Best Science Fiction of Arthur Conan Doyle ed. Charles G. Waugh & Martin H. Greenburg
● Tom Shippey - Science Fiction by Reimer Jehmlich and Science Fiction by Ulrich Suerbaum and others
● Sue Jenkins - Vaneglory by George Turner


Issue: Vol. n/a  No. 26
Editor: David Pringle
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Very Good. Light shelf-wear, very small stain to top edge.

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