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Foundation 77 - Autumn 1999


● John Hammond - Guest Editorial: Wells and Woking
● Brian Aldiss - The Referee of The War of the Worlds
● Patrick Parrinder - How Far Can We Trust the Narrator of The War of the Worlds?
● John Huntington - My Martians: Wells's Success
● Charles E. Gannon - "One Swift, Conclusive Smashing and an End": Wells, War and the Collapse of Civilisation
● Sylvia Hardy - H. G. Wells and British Cinema: The War of the Worlds
● Domna Pastourmatzi - Space Flight and Space Conquest in Hellenic Science Fiction
● Braulio Tavares - Stories of the Will-Happen: Science Fiction in Brazil

● Jonathan Benison - Ballard is an sf writer
● Simon Guerrier - Is Doctor Who sf's imbecile?
● Gordon Van Gelder - Dozois and the Best SF
● Steve Jeffrey - On science, mathematics and bollocks
● Mark Bould - Westfahl and the novella

● Colin Greenland - When the Feast is Finished by Brian Aldiss, with Margaret Aldiss
● L. J. Hurst - The Inheritors by Joseph Conrad & Ford Madox Ford
● Joseph Nicholas - The Martians by Kim Stanley Robinson
● Kim Newman - British Science Fiction Cinema edited by I. Q. Hunter
● Andy Sawyer - The Sterkarm Handshake by Susan Price
● John Grant - The Rift by Walter Jon Williams
● David Langford - Architects of Emortality by Brian Stableford
● Jennifer Swift - Distraction by Bruce Sterling
● Keith Brooke - Flanders by Patricia Anthony
● David Langford - Time by Stephen Baxter
● John Grant - Singer from the Sea by Sheri S. Tepper


Issue: Vol. 28  No. 77
Editor: Edward James
Cover Art: Michael Condron (sculpture) & Edward James (picture)

Condition: Like New.

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