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Foundation 68 - Autumn 1996


● Stephen Baxter - Martian Chronicles: Narratives of Mars in Science and Sf
● R. A. S. Hennessy - Mars in the Nineteenth Century: A Cornish Connection
● Peter Wright - Selling Mars: Burroughs, Barsoom and Expedient Xenography
● Charles Chilton, with Edward James - The Profession of Science Fiction, 50: Journeying into Space
● Andrew M. Butler - Water, Entropy and the Million-Year Dream: Philip K. Dick's Martian Time-Slip
● Edward James - Building Utopias on Mars, from Crusoe to Robinson
● Kim Stanley Robinson, with David Seed - The Mars Trilogy: An Interview
● K. V. Bailey - Mars is a District of Sheffield

● Phil Masters - The Time Traveller in Cowper and Wells
● Phil Stephenson-Payne - On Rabkin and the Composite Novel
● John Boston - On Rabkin and the Composite Novel, and Moore and Souther Sf
● Steve Jeffery - Thanks for no. 66
● Alex Eisenstein - On Short Fiction (including "The Omnibus of Space and Time")
● Phil Watry - Cataloguing the SF Foundation Collection

Great SF Short Fiction
● Janeen Webb - 1: "Danny Goes to Mars" by Pamela Sargent

● Stephen Baxter - Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson
● Brian Stableford - Voyage by Stephen Baxter
● Gwyneth Jones - Empire of the Ants by Bernard Werber
● K. V. Bailey - Serpent's Blood and Salamander's Fire by Brian Stableford
● Robert Irwin - Writing Fantasy Fiction by Sarah Lefanu
● Jennifer Swift - Paragons ed. Robin Wilson
● Michael Laplace-Sinatra - Strange Days by Kathryn Bigelow & James Cameron


Issue: Vol. n/a  No. 68
Editor: Edward James
Cover Art: c/o NASA

Condition: Good. Tanning to spine, light signs of rubbing/discolouration to front and rear, minimal shelf-wear.

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