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Foundation 34 - Autumn 1985


● Sam J. Lundwall - Adventures in the Pulp Jungle
● Peter Kuczka - Fifty Questions: An Interview with the Strugatsky Brothers
● Pascal J. Thomas - French SF and the Legacy of Philip K. Dick
● Erik Simon - New Wine in Old Bottles: SF in the German Democratic Republic
● Fabio Calabrese - Italian SF: Trends and Authors
● Ye Yonglie - The Development of SF in China
● Jeff Wagner - In the World He was Writing About: The Life of Philip K. Dick

● Peter Nicholls - Omni's Screen Flights/Screen Fantasies ed. Danny Peary; The Aurum Film Encyclopedia Vol. 2: Science Fiction ed. Phil Hardy
● Roz Kaveney - Skeleton Crew by Stephen King
● Brian Stableford - Interzone: The 1st Anthology ed. John Clute, Colin Greenland & David Pringle
● David Langford - The Ball and the Cross by G. K. Chesterton


Issue: Vol. n/a  No. 34
Editor: David Pringle
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Like New.

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