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Galactic Empires 2 edited by Brian Aldiss


POUL ANDERSON's Lord of a Thousand Suns: an immortal condemned to roam the universe in search of...what...?

A. E. VAN VOGT's Concealment: One man against the might of Earth.

FREDERIC BROWN's Not Yet The End: a short, short story describing mankind's narrow escape from extermination.

ALGIS BUDRYS's To Civilize: a nostalgic story of humanity's return to Earth after generations of self-imposed exile.

Just four of the superb collection of stories which make up Brian Aldiss' second volume of intergalactic adventures.

You Can't Impose Civilisation by Force
Escape to Chaos - John D. Macdonald
Concealment - A. E. van Vogt
To Civilize - Algis Budrys
Beep - James Blish

The Other End of the Stick
Down the River - Mack Reynolds
The Bounty Hunter - Avram Davidson
Not Yet the End - Fredric Brown

All Things are Cyclic
Tonight the Stars Revolt! - Gardner F. Fox
Final Encounter - Harry Harrison

Big Ancestors and Descendants
Lord of a Thousand Sons - Poul Anderson
Big Ancestor - F. L. Wallace
The Interlopers - Roger Dee


Publisher (Year): Orbit (1976)
Binding (ISBN): Paperback (0-8600-7909-0)
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Very Good. Light shelf-wear, faint rubbing lower front and rear corner.

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