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The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov


"The Caves of Steel and The Naked Sun are the best books Asimov ever wrote"

On the remote planet Solaria the first murder for two hundred years has been committed. The Solarians are Spacers with a civilization based on robots instead of slaves - and some pretty weird taboos and phobias. Into this strange set-up comes Terran detective Elijah Baley, investigating the murder for his government. But Baley finds aspects  of life on Solaria difficult, even terrifying to cope with - as an Earthman, he is used to living underground. From the moment of his arrival on Solaria, Baley's investigation becomes an ordeal of nerves under the pitiless glare of the naked sun...


Publisher (Year): Science Fiction Book Club (1959)
Binding (ISBN): Hardback (n/a)
Cover Art: C. W. Bacon

Condition: Average. Dust jacket is intact but has considerable wear - small tears at corners/rubbing to edges/top 2 inches of spine are ripped and loose/small pen mark to rear/general fading and rubbing/inside flap has folds, book itself very tight and has no obvious damage, bright and clean pages. 

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