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Best SF Two edited by Edmund Crispin


The Altar at Midnight - C. M. Kornbluth
Hobson's Choice - Alfred Bester
Outside - Brian W. Aldiss
Angel's Egg - Edgar Pangborn
Placet is a Crazy Place - Fredric Brown
Little Lost Robot - Isaac Asimov
The Copper Dahlia - Gerald Kersh
When You're Smiling - Theodore Sturgeon
Zero Hour - Ray Bradbury
Worrywart - Clifford Simak
Una - John Wyndham
Blowups Happen - Robert Heinlein
Impostor - Philip K. Dick
The Nine Billion Names of God - Arthur C. Clarke


Publisher (Year): Science Fiction Book Club (1958)
Binding (ISBN): Hardback (n/a)
Cover Art: C. W. Bacon

Condition: Good. Dust jacket intact and in good condition - rubbing to edges and corners, some small tears to front bottom edge and rear top edge, tanning to spine. Book itself also in good condition - light rubbing to edges and corners, tanned pages, tanning to page ends.

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