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Pavane by Keith Roberts


"...now credited as the finest of all alternate histories"
-The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction

"...a tapestry of a book; a marvel of storytelling"
-Algis Budrys

1588: Queen Elizabeth is felled by an assassin's bullet. Within the week, the Spanish Armada had set sail, and its victory changed the course of history. 1968: England is still dominated by the Church of Rome. There are no telephones, no television, no nuclear power. AS Catholicism and the Inquisition tighten their grip, rebellion is growing.


Publisher (Year): Science Fiction Book Club (1969)
Binding (ISBN): Hardback (n/a)
Cover Art: Terry James

Condition: Very Good. Dust jacket intact and in great condition - rubbing/shelf-wear to edges and corners, general fading and scuff marks to front and rear. Book itself also in very good condition - only some light shelf-wear to edges.

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