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Where Time Winds Blow by Robert Holdstock


"[Holdstock's] intellectual seriousness and emotional strength are exemplary of the new generation of British SF writers"
-Ursula Le Guin

An unpredictable planet where time blows between past and future; a domed city, crawling along the sheer edge of a rift-valley, watching below as alien ruins flicker in and out of the present; a group of 'Manchanged' humans who have been medically and surgically adapted to the environment of the world, and who are struggling to adapt psychologically; six moons that weave a complex pattern in the night sky and cast a bizarre spell on the animal life below. Against this exotic and alien background, the story of the haunting of Leo Faulcon unfolds.

Faulcon is part of a small planetary exploration team, led by his closest friend, Lena Tanoway. Both have grown accustomed to the spectacle of Vander-Zande's World by the need to erect masks, defences against the insidious and disturbing forces that constantly threaten human integrity. When young Kris Dojaan joins the team, in a private quest to find his lost brother Mark, Faulcon's passion for the alien and the enigmatic is rekindled. But Lena Tanoway senses in Faulcon more than simple reassertion of his childish excitability; a shadow emerges, and the layers of Faulcon's defences are slowly stripped away. It is the beginning of a haunting that leads to confrontation and tragedy. And Faulcon embarks upon a quest that begins with self-discovery and ends with the most reckless mission ever attempted in this world.


Publisher (Year): Science Fiction Book Club (1981)
Binding (ISBN): Hardback (n/a
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Good. Dust jacket intact and in good condition - some rubbing/shelf-wear to edges and corners, tanning to spine, tanning to edges. Book itself in good condition - slight spine lean, a little rubbing/shelf-wear to corners, tanned pages.

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