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Tau Zero by Poul Anderson


"Magnificent... a sense of timelessness, human eternity, and the order of the cosmos... builds to an overpowering climax"
-Barry Malzberg

"Imaginative and at times brilliant"
-The Sunday Times       

"The ultimate hard science fiction novel"
-James Blish

Throughout the ages man's most consistent quest has been for immortality; he reaches for the stars and hopes that habitable worlds do exist so that the human race may be perpetuated far beyond the life expectancy of this planet. Here is a pure science fiction account of what happens when fifty men and women, in the twenty-third century, set off in the spaceship Leonora Christian on an interstellar colonising flight.

The time-dilation effect which science has by now mastered means that the journey will take only four or five of the crew's years, though on Earth a couple of generations will have gone by. But after two of their years a collision course with a nebulous cloud damages the vital deceleration mechanism and the ship steadily accelerates across the Milky Way and into the next galaxy.


Publisher (Year): Science Fiction Book Club (1972)
Binding (ISBN): Hardback (n/a)
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Very Good. Dust jacket intact and in good condition - rubbing to edges and corners, tanning to spine, a little fading/tanning to rear. Book itself in very good condition - a little rubbing to corners.

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