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Astounding - March 1947


The Equalizer - Jack Williamson
Tomorrow's Children - Poul Anderson & F. N. Waldrop
Child's Play - William Tenn

Short Stories
Turning Point - Pendleton Banks
Little Lost Robot - Isaac Asimov

Less Light, Please - J. J. Coupling


Issue: Vol. 39  No. 1
Editor: John W. Campbell, Jr.
Cover Art: Rogers

Condition: Average. Rubbing and some small tears to all edges and corners, tanned pages, spine has been reinforced with cellotape, several pieces of cellotape have also been applied to the edges of both the front and rear cover and to the inside pages both front and rear at various points (looks like to protect edges and cover some small holes) - result is that there is some stickiness when opening front and rear covers and some dark patches from cellotape marks...despite these all text is readable and magazine remains intact.

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