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Tiger! Tiger! [The Stars My Destination] by Alfred Bester


"He is one of the very few genre writers to have bridged, unconsciously, the chasm between the old and the new wave, by becoming a hero figure for both"
-Peter Nicholls

"TIGER! TIGER! is a definitive statement in Wide Screen Baroque - a kind of free-wheeling interplanetary adventure, full of brilliant scenery, dramatic scenes and a joyous taking for granted of the unlikely"
-Brian Aldiss

Abandoned for 170 days in a wrecked spaceship in the middle of space, then ignored by a passing ship, Gully Foyle, the anti-hero of TIGER! TIGER! fights his way determinedly back to Earth - to seek revenge. Alfred Bester's foul but fascinating creation is, perhaps, the most memorable character in the whole of science fiction, and this tale of obsession and ultimate transcendence is acknowledged as one of the genre's finest.

When it was first published in 1955, TIGER! TIGER! was clearly years ahead of its time and science fiction's New Wave, fifteen to twenty years later, hailed it as one of the most influential books to have appeared from within sf. As agelessly potent as a Jacobean tragedy and yet as modern as microchip software, TIGER! TIGER! is an essential and indispensable work in any science fiction collection.


Publisher (Year): John Goodchild (1984)
Binding (ISBN): Hardback (0-86391-025-4)
Cover Art: David Harrop

Condition: Very Good. Light shelf-wear/rubbing to edges and corners of dust jacket (mostly affecting top edge), a little tanning to top and bottom of dust jacket, some very faint scuff marks to front and rear cover, shop barcode sticker placed over book barcode lower rear cover, a couple of very small yellow spots to side page ends.

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