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Moonbeast by A. E. van Vogt


Time out of mind.

In the secret caves of the moon, a strange society flourished. Blue-skinned flat-nosed men, lithe uniformed German girls, tough frontier desperadoes from the Old West - all lived together in an uneasy, state of tension, ruled by a brutal Neanderthal man a million years old. All were immortal, all had been caught in the vortext of a weird time machine which snatched its Earthly victims from their own eras and transported them to the lunar caverns of eternal life. Into this bizarre and frightening set-up stumbled Pendrake, an Earthman in the process of becoming superhuman. Kidnapped from his home planet, hunted by criminals and government alike, he found a temporary refuge in this insane limbo. But not for long...


Publisher (Year): Panther (1969)
Binding (ISBN): Paperback (586-02937-0)
Cover Art: n/a

Condition: Good. Shelf-wear to edges and corners, tanning to inside pages.

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