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Call and Response by Paul Kincaid


Paul Kincaid is a critic and reviewer - a regular contributor to a variety of magazines and journals, such as the BSFA's Vector, Foundation and the New York Review of Science Fiction. He has also contributed to many sf reference works, and was for 11 years the administrator of the Arthur C. Clarke Award. He is the recipient of the Thomas D. Clareson Award for services to science fiction.

This book contains essays about a wide range of authors from Brian Aldiss to Gene Wolfe via Philip K. Dick and Keith Roberts. Included with each of these essays are insightful reviews of some of the authors' most interesting books. The book is rounded off by a comprehensive index produced by Leigh Kennedy.


Publisher (Year): Beccon (2014)
Binding (ISBN): Trade paperback (9781-870824-62-0)
Cover Art: Roger Robinson

Condition: New.

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