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Canary Fever: Reviews by John Clute


John Clute began to review science fiction in the early 1960s, and currently contributes Scores, a regular critical column, to the online journal Strange Horizons. Much of this work has been gathered into collections. He has co-edited or written three encyclopedias of fantastika, including The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction - the third edition of which is available free online here.

He has won four Hugos, four Locus Awards, the World Fantasy Award, and others. For his critical work in particular he was given a Readercon Award in 1989, the Pilgrim Award in 1994, the Eaton Grand Master Award in 1995, the ICFA Distinguished Guest Scholar Award in 1999, and the Solstice Award in 2012.

Canary Fever is a collection of reviews about the most significant literatures of the twenty-first century: science fiction, fantasy and horror: the literatures Clute argues should be recognized as the central modes of fantastika in our times. The title refers to the canary in the coal mine, who whiffs gas and dies to save miners; reviewers of fantastika can find themselves in a similar position, though words can only hurt us.

This is the fourth such collection by John Clute. Several older pieces are included here, though the great bulk of the book - over 200,000 words - was first published between 2003 and 2008. Every review has been edited. Errors and incoherencies have been removed when possible. The original versions of some reviews - in particular those written in the past year or so - have been treated as first drafts, and have been brought into final form. One piece, on John B. Watson and Behaviorism, is previously unpublished.

120 review articles, over 150 books discussed in more than 225,000 words.


Publisher (Year): Beccon (2009)
Binding (ISBN): Trade paperback (9781-870824-57-6)
Cover Art: Judith Clute

Condition: New.

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