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All the Traps of Earth by Clifford Simak


The law said that no robot could legally have continuation of a single life greater than a hundred years. And he had lived for six hundred in the service of one family.

To escape disintegration, Richard Daniel, robot, stows away on the outside of a space-ship journeying to far off galaxies, and, battered through hyperspace, he gains new faculties.

He could use them to raise the status of his fellow robots or he could use them in the service of man - choose he must.

In All the Traps of Earth and in the other stories in this book, Simak reveals himself as one of the outstanding creators of Science Fiction. Each one of his tales is full of terror and pity, and contrived with a matchless ingenuity which makes the incredible credible.

All the Traps of Earth
Drop Dead
No Life of Their Own
The Sitters


Publisher (Year): Four Square (1964)
Binding (ISBN): Paperback (n/a)
Cover Art: Curtis


Condition: Good. Slight spine lean, light tanning to front and rear cover, small crease to upper front cover corner, tanned inside pages.

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